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Date 2010-02-11.15:34:12
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> > With paramterized tests *all* the tests are run and *all* failures reported. With testing in a loop the tests stop at the first failure.
> +1 to this justification.  Parameterized tests are a big win over a
> simple for loop in a test.

Ah, thank you. Looks better indeed.

> (However, I haven't looked at the IPython code at all, and Antoine's
> objection seemed to have something in particular to do with the
> IPython code?)

No, it has to do that you need to be able to distinguish the different
runs of your parameterized test (the same way you distinguish between
different test methods by their names, or line numbers, in the test

If I have 500 runs in my parameterized (*) test, and the only failure
reported is that "2 is not greater than 3", I don't know where to start
looking because the traceback won't give me the information of *which*
parameters were currently in use.

(*) (this is horrible to type)
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