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Date 2010-02-06.22:12:58
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Attached is what I believe is the complete patch. You'll need to apply the patch on #7860 for proper test coverage of a 32-bit Python running on 64-bit Windows.

Here's a summary of what's contained:

1. Documented and tested the previously undocumented and untested *ReflectionKey functions
2. Added, documented, and tested CreateKeyEx
3. Added, documented, and tested DeleteKeyEx
4. Fixed QueryReflectionKey to return the key state rather than the return value of the underlying Windows call.

Overall the theme is to better our support of 64-bit Windows.

The testing scenario becomes a bit more involved given the spread of Windows versions supported and their varying level of support of some of the APIs being exposed. I think the tests are documented well enough to explain what scenarios are available and which are being tested, but let me know if more detail is needed.

I've tested this on the following machines with success:
1. Windows XP SP2 32-bit
2. Windows Server 2003 32-bit
3. Windows Server 2003 64-bit with 32 and 64-bit Python
4. Windows 7 64-bit with 32 and 64-bit Python
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