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Date 2010-01-29.23:22:03
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Each patch can be reviewed and committed separately (except the last 2).

[patch 1] bsddb3.diff – related to Bsddb3
[patch 2] test_support.diff – new helper "silence_py3k_warnings()"
[patch 3] test_exceptions.diff – "test_pep352" and "test_exceptions"
[patch 4] Wd_warnings.diff – fix few "-Wd" warnings
[patch 5] syntax_fixes.diff – fix syntax only (2to3-like)
[patch 6] silence_imports.diff – import deprecated modukes

Patches below require the new helper "silence_py3k_warnings" (patch 2)

[patch 7] py3k_warnings_args.diff – 26 files
[patch 8] py3k_warnings_noargs.diff – 28 files
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