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Date 2010-01-29.01:28:49
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Here's mine about issue7092_check_warnings_v3.diff:

1) test_callable should keep testing callable() and the warnings should be caught;
2) in test_bsddb3 the problems should be correct in the module if possible and worth it (the module is deprecated);
3) next to the several '# Silence py3k warnings' it would be nice to have a note about what warning you are exactly silencing;
4) def test_deprecated_builtin_map -> test_deprecated_builtin_map_with_None, otherwise it seems that map is deprecated;
5) in test[_deep]_copy I'm not entirely sure that the tests are equivalent using in (and if they are you should use assertIn);
6) in test_socket I would keep callable, also shouldn't the raise in the next line raise a warning as well?;
7)  the self.assertEqual(`u2`, `d2`) in test_userdict could just use repr() instead;
8) a few tests in test_weakref should use assert[Not]In instead of assertTrue(x [not] in y).
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