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Some comments:

- why do you say Thread.join() uses a busy loop? is it because it uses Condition.wait()? If so, this will be solved in py3k by issue7316 (which you are welcome to review). Otherwise, I think there should be an upper bound on the sleeping granularity (say 2 seconds).

- the "if 'timeout' in kwargs" dance is a bit complicated. Why not simply "kwargs.pop('timeout', None)"?

- if it times out, communicate() should raise a specific exception. Bonus points if the exception holds the partial output as attributes (that's what we do for non-blocking IO in py3k), but if it's too difficult we can leave that out. I don't think returning None would be very good.

- for consistency, other methods should probably raise the same exception. I think we can leave out the more complex scenarios such as "timing out but still processing the beginning of the output".

- I agree that further input from python-dev or python-ideas would be nice
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