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Date 2010-01-27.12:54:41
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Stefan Krah wrote:
> Stefan Krah <> added the comment:
> The builds are almost identical, so I attach a diff of the build output.
> For both builds, I used a fresh Python-3.1.1 directory. This looks
> suspicious:
> -checking whether va_list is an array... yes
> +checking whether va_list is an array... no
> For completeness' sake: "-fno-strict-aliasing -m32" were reversed in the
> BASECFLAGS case, so I edited the BASECFLAGS output for the purposes of
> creating a diff.


Looking at the diff I cannot see any difference between the
two builds in terms of gcc options applied during the compile
and link step.

As you noticed, this leaves the va_list difference which also
causes the warnings in the 32-bit build.

I guess this points to the real cause of the problem: configure
doesn't know anything about BASECFLAGS, but does use CFLAGS for
checking various compiler features, so Antoines command line
options using CFLAGS work, while the ones I posted don't.
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