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On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 06:09:33PM +0000, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> The documentation mentions that mhlib is deprecated and mailbox
> should be used instead. Is there any point in trying to fix it?

It looks like Btrfs will eventually conform to traditional st_nlink
behavior. However, that still leaves HFS+.  Perhaps the easiest fix
would be to have the unit test check for weird st_nlink behavior by
creating a directory with a subdirectory.  If something is weird,
skip testing mhlib.  The downside to that solution is that someone
might use mhlib on a HFS+ filesystem and encounter buggy behavior.

I can imagine that removing the optimization can make mhlib much
slower for large mail boxes.  Maybe that would be better than
risking lost mail though.  On modern machines maybe it doesn't
matter much.

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