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I like this. I've visually reviewed the patch, but haven't tested it yet. I'm willing to commit this.

Could you add to the tests to assert that .major is equal to [0], etc.?

Also, the documentation says that element [4] is "text", but you've referred to it as "service_pack". I don't think "service_pack" is documented anywhere, but is clearly a better name than "text". The documentation of OSVERSIONINFO describes this as szCSDVersion, with the description of 'A null-terminated string, ..., that indicates the latest Service Pack installed on the system ...', so "service_pack" is okay with me. Can you change the documentation to refer to this field as "service_pack"?

Another idea would be to expose OSVERSIONINFOEX. I've personally wanted to get access to wProductType in the past. Any thoughts on that? I think OSVERSIONINFOEX would be available on any version of Windows that we care about going forward.

I don't see any point in changing it from a function to a property at this point. There's the hassle of migrating to the new version, and it's wrapping a Win32 API call anyway.
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