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Date 2010-01-15.19:17:09
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Looking at the patches:
- if you want to remove code, please remove it; don't comment it out
- please don't use C++-style comments (it will break on some compilers, produce warnings on others)
- code lines should generally not be wider than 80 chars (although this is not really a hard rule)
- I don't understand the purpose of ", os.SEEK_CUR)"; shouldn't it be a no-op? If not, please add a comment to explain why.
- you are not decrefinf objects properly when you are done with them (posobj, oldposobj), which will certainly produce memory leaks
- some tests seem to be missing from the 2.7 patch, compared to the 2.6 one
- if you want to test BytesIO and StringIO, tests can be added to Lib/test/
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