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On Friday 15 January 2010 02:14:30 pm Lars Gustäbel wrote:
> Lars Gustäbel <> added the comment:
> I suppose you do not have a real problem here. I thought your problem was
>  that you want to use unicode pathnames as input and output to tarfile. You
>  don't need that.
> You want to transfer an archive from one system to another. You can do that
>  with tarfile already. Python 3.x's tarfile does the same as Python 2.x's
>  tarfile, except that in 3.x *all* strings are unicode strings.
> If you have different encodings on these systems, that should not be a
>  problem unless these encodings are not compatible with each other. If you
>  want to use a tar archive created on a utf-8 system on a iso-8859-1 system
>  that is no problem, as long as you use the pax format and all the utf-8
>  characters used are also valid iso-8859-1 characters.

I think I *do* have a problem. I want to create a tar archive on one system, 
where the filenames could contain non latin characters. I'm sending this tar 
file over a socket to a different system (with potentially a different encoding), 
where I want to extract it to a directory which name could contain non-latin 
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