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Author skrah
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Date 2010-01-13.14:17:00
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As a first step in unifying and I
would like to patch in trunk and py3k. This is to
minimize differences between py3k and py3k-cdecimal.

(1) Remove test that Decimal(x) generates a copy.

(2) Add test case to formatting test.

(3) Extend threading test.

(4) Use Emax of 425000000 instead of 999999999 where possible.
    (The 32-bit version of cdecimal has the official limit of
    425000000, even though 999999999 works in almost all cases.)

If I get an OK for the two patches, I can commit them to py3k and
trunk. If you don't want to apply (1), I'll make new patches.
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