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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc wrote:
> Amaury Forgeot d'Arc <> added the comment:
>> I don't see the point in changing the various conversion APIs in the
>> unicode database to return Py_UCS4 when there are no conversions that
>> map code points between BMP and non-BMP.
> For consistency: if Py_UNICODE_ISPRINTABLE is changed to take Py_UCS4, Py_UNICODE_TOLOWER should also take Py_UCS4, and must return the same type.
>> In order to solve the problem in question (unicode_repr() failing), 
>> we should change the various property checking APIs to accept Py_UCS4
>> input data. This needlessly increases the type database size without
>> real benefit.
> [I'm not sure to understand. For me the 'real benefit' is that it solves the problem in question.]

The problem in question is already solved by just changing the property
checking APIs. Changing the conversion APIs fixes a non-problem, since there
are no mappings that would require Py_UCS4 on a UCS2 build.

> Yes this increases the type database: there are 300 more "case" statements in _PyUnicode_ToNumeric(), and the PyUnicode_TypeRecords array needs 1068 more bytes.
> On Windows, VS9.0 release build, unicodectype.obj grows from 86Kb to 94Kb; python32.dll is exactly 1.5Kb larger (from 2219Kb to 2221.5Kb);
> the memory usage of the just-started interpreter is about 32K larger (around 5M).  These look reasonable figures to me.
>> For that to work properly we'll have to either make sure that
>> extensions get recompiled if they use these changed APIs, or we
>> provide an additional set of UCS2 APIs that extend the Py_UNICODE
>> input value to a Py_UCS4 value before calling the underlying Py_UCS4
>> API.
> Extensions that use these changed APIs need to be recompiled, or they won't load: existing modules link with symbols like _PyUnicodeUCS2_IsPrintable, when the future interpreter will define _PyUnicode_IsPrintable.

Hmm, that's a good point.

OK, you got me convinced: let's go for it then.
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