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Author flox
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Date 2010-01-08.14:53:42
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I split the Big Patch™ into pieces.
It should be easier to review and merge.

 - issue7092_syntax_imports.diff
   --> Only syntax and import_module(m, deprecated=True)

 - issue7092_check_warnings.diff
   --> Use test.test_support.check_warnings()

 - issue7092_filterwarnings.diff
   --> Use warnings.filterwarnings()

 - issue7092_json_sqlite.diff
   --> Silence external libraries

 - issue7092_cpickle.diff
   --> Remove cPickle warning

And there's a last patch for "test_index" attached to issue7532.

Then you reach the Zen of Python.
  “Do not speak — unless it improves on silence.”
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