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Date 2010-01-08.07:02:28
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I built the python-2.6.2 with the latest libffi-3.0.9 in AIX 5.3 using xlc compiler.
When i try to run the ctypes test cases, two failures are seen in test_bitfields.

test_ints (ctypes.test.test_bitfields.C_Test) ... FAIL
test_shorts (ctypes.test.test_bitfields.C_Test) ... FAIL

It seems that interpreting type c_int and c_short is wrong in bit field for AIX. If i change the type c_int and c_short 
to c_unit and c_ushort of class "BITS(Structure)" in file then no failures are seen and all the test 
cases got passed

This issue is common for both 32 and 64-bit versions

Attaching the complete test case result for reference.
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