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> A few comments on coding style:

Thank you for your remarks. I will update the patch accordingly.

> * make sure that the name of a symbol matches the value, e.g.
>   #define LONG_BITMASK (LONG_BIT-1)
>   #define BLOOM(mask, ch) ((mask & (1 << ((ch) & LONG_BITMASK))))
>   LONG_BITMASK has a value of 0x1f (31) - that's a single byte, not
>   a long value. In this case, 0x1f is an implementation detail of
>   the simplified Bloom filter used for set membership tests in the
>   Unicode implementation.
>   When adjusting the value to be platform dependent, please check
>   that the implementation does work for platforms that have
>   more than 31 bits available for (signed) longs.
>   Note that you don't need to expose that value separately if
>   you stick to using BLOOM() directly.

Since the same value is used to build the mask, I assume it's better to keep the value around (or use (LONG_BIT-1) directly?).
    mask |= (1 << (ptr[i] & LONG_BITMASK));

s/LONG_BITMASK/BLOOM_BITMASK/ is not confusing?
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