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Author lemburg
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Date 2009-12-29.13:37:13
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Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> Gregory P. Smith <> added the comment:
> lemburg - see which issue #?

Sorry, the message got truncated for some reason.

I was referring to

This was discussed on python-dev:

> Anyways perhaps the right thing to do instead of trunk r65961 would have 
> been to change the s# to an s*.

That would have worked as well.

> Undoing it will be more painful now as several changes have gone in since 
> that require undoing and possibly redoing differently.

Using s* should pretty much avoid the need to use GET_BUFFER_VIEW_OR_ERROUT(),
so if you want to keep the other changes, removing the use of the
macro should be fairly straight-forward, unless I'm missing something.
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