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Author lemburg
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Date 2009-12-22.21:18:33
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The distutils way of implementing a different fixed order would be to
create a build command sub-class, override the .sub_commands list and
then register this new subclass as 'build' command with distutils via
the cmdclass setup() keyword argument. (eGenix uses this approach in - see egenix-mx-base)

Note that I don't think that just providing an alternative order of
build_py and build_ext would solve the SWIG issue - e.g. build_py
wouldn't know about the new files SWIG generates unless the SWIG build
process explicitly tells the build_py command about these new files.

It would probably be better to add a completely new command just for
managing the SWIG build process to distutils. This could then add the
generated files, run build_ext with the required special arguments,
rerun build_py, etc.
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