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So the configure test for tanh(-0.0) is purely informational:  it doesn't 
affect the behaviour of the built Python in any way.  I agree that the 
test is imperfect, in that if atan2 is also non-conformant on the given 
platform then the sign issue with tanh may go undetected, but all that 
happens in that case is that we get a bogus 'preserves sign of -0 ... yes' 
message in the configure output.

The wrapper for atan2 in Modules/mathmodules.c is a separate issue; it 
should ensure that we get the right behaviour for atan2 on all platforms,
including msvc 7.0.  I can't immediately see any reason why it wouldn't be 
working as intended.

> I don't think that python cmath tests will pass with MSVC before

Which test(s) do you think will fail?

> May be is good to add depends=['_math.h'], for modules in

Good point---thanks!  Done in r76865 (trunk), r76867 (py3k).
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