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Author flox
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Date 2009-12-12.15:40:26
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actually, I was trying to convert some piece of code from python2 to
python3. And this statement was not converted by 2to3:

So, I read the official documentation, and found no hint about the
removal of these codecs.
For my specific use case, I can use "zlib.decompress" and
"base64.decodebytes", but I find that the ".encode()" and ".decode()"
helpers were useful in Python 2.

I don't know all the background of the removal of these codecs. But I
try to contribute to Python, and help Python 3 become at least as
featureful, and useful, as Python 2.

So, after reading the above comments, I think we may end up with
following changes:
 * restore the "bytes-to-bytes" codecs in the "encodings" package
 * then create new helpers on bytes objects (either
   ".transform()/.untransform()" or ".encodebytes()/.decodebytes")
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