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Mark Dickinson wrote:
> Is there still a need for a separate C function for creating a zero-
> initialized bytes object from a Py_ssize_t or a Python integer?

What C function are you referring to?

> And this check doesn't cover other, similar, cases: for example, list('')
> will still be converted by PyBytes_FromObject, while list('123') won't.

Well, one is a just empty list and the other a list of strings. I don't see
why converting a empty list to bytes should raise an error. Although I agree
the type check is a bit out of place, I think it will help prevents bugs. 

In addition, PyBytes_FromObject() is documented as equivalent to the
bytes(). Since calling bytes() with any unicode string raises a TypeError
exception, unless an encoding is specified, I believe PyBytes_FromObject()
should also follow this convention.
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