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Date 2009-12-11.13:13:49
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Benjamin Peterson wrote:
> Benjamin Peterson <> added the comment:
> 2009/12/11 Marc-Andre Lemburg <>:
>> codecs.encode()/.decode() provide access to all codecs, regardless
>> of their supported type combinations and of course, you can use
>> them directly via the codec registry, subclass from them, etc.
> Didn't you have a proposal for bytes.transform/untransform for
> operations like this?

Yes. At the time it was postponed, since I brought it up late
in the 3.0 release process. Perhaps I should bring it up again.

Note that those methods are just convenient helpers to access
the codecs and as such only provide limited functionality.

The full machinery itself is accessible via the codecs module and
the code in the encodings package. Any decision to include a codec
or not needs to be based on whether it fits the framework in those
modules/packages, not the functionality we expose on unicode and
bytes objects.
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