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Date 2009-12-10.22:54:34
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The gz in question is 17mb compressed and 247mb uncompressed. Calling
zcat the python process uses between 250 and 260 mb with the whole
string in memory using zcat as a fork. Numbers for the gzip module
aren't obtainable except for readline(), which doesn't use much memory
but is very slow. Other methods thrash the machine to death.

The machine has 300mb free RAM from a total of 1024mb.

It's not a new issue, I didn't find it when searching python bug
archives for some reason but google:

It's an issue which people have stumbled into before but nobody seems to
have made headway any headway (I expect they just forked and called zcat
or gzip, like I did...).

It's a minor point since it's so easy to work around, in fact I have my
IDS system completed already - thank you so much python for being so RAD
friendly - yet the module is worthless if a user has zcat/gzip c
programs and knows they exist as it stands.
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