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Date 2009-12-07.15:43:10
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> Nope, all three json's implementation do not release the memory. I used 
> your patched one, the one shipped with 2.6 and cjson. The one which comes 
> with 2.6, reach 2GB, then release 200MB and stays with 1.8GB during 
> sleep. The cjson reaches 1.5GB mark and stays there. But all three 
> release another 100-200MB just before the exit (one top cycle before 
> process disappear). I used sleep of 20 seconds, so I'm pretty sure memory 
> was not released during that time, since I watched the process with idle 
> CPU.

Do you destroy the decoded data, though? If you keep it in memory
there's no chance that a lot of memory will be released.
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