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Date 2009-11-28.22:11:53
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> Greg, any comment on this issue?

Yes, two:

1) textwrap does not handle paragraphs or paragraph breaks in any way.  
That was a deliberate limitation to keep the code from getting any 
hairier.  People have complained about this in the past, and I have 
studiously ignored such complaints.  The standard answer is that you 
should break your text into paragraphs and then feed those paragraphs 
individually to a TextWrapper.  But this does not look like that old 

2) Test, test, test.  In case you hadn't already noticed, this is a 
hairy piece of code.  It's also a poster child for unit testing.  Any 
change should IMHO be accompanied by lots of new tests.

No wait, make that *three* comments:

3) I agree with tlynn that the example in msg95469 looks *awfully* 
fishy.  But I don't remember enough of the details to say what's likely 
to be broken.  That's probably your first test case right there.
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