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Ok, I took a look and it seems ok to me but I still get some occasional 
failures on Windows from time to time.
Because of the threading nature of our server I suspect that moving 
del_channel() before ssl.wrap_socket() call, like this:

-            socket = ssl.wrap_socket([ ##etc. ])
-            self.del_channel()
-            self.set_socket(socket)

+            self.del_channel()
+            self.socket = ssl.wrap_socket(...)
+            self.set_socket(self.socket)

...makes more sense (ps: pay attention, it's "self.socket", not 
After I did that I stopped seeing the occasional failures (I'm not 100% 
sure it's actually related, but...).

This is quite strange, anyway.
I suspect it has something to do with this:
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