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Date 2009-10-30.23:08:32
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Roumen Petrov wrote:
> Roumen Petrov <> added the comment:
> Marc-Andre,
> Thanks for the reference but what about to open manual for AC_PROG_CC ?

Could you please elaborate a bit ?

> Antoine,
> please don't mess kind of cross compilation into this thread.

That was just an example of how CFLAGS can be used.

However, with the patch you still don't get complete control
of the C compiler flags - which is what the env var should
be all about.

The reason is that the actually used CFLAGS argument then
becomes a combination of these env vars/settings:


To regain control over CFLAGS, you'd have to define these
env vars:


That's not really how it should be... (see the autoconf
reference URL I posted).

> About patches:
> Change of libdir are subject to other requests - require changes in
> distutils - out of scope.


> About CFLAGS : 
> To ignore options like -g -O2 set by AC_PROG_CC just enclose macro in
> py_save_CFLAGS ... CFLAGS=$py_save_CFLAGS. Тhe python build system use
> own options OPT to set -g -O3 and etc. Please see comments in configure
> for OPT.

In the early days we only allowed customization of the optimization
settings when compiling Python, nothing more. That's where OPT

Things started to get complicated when the recursive make process
was flattened starting in Python 2.1.

> About LDFLAGS with passing to (last place without it) is good
> to remove all other references as I do in other issue . I won't update
> my patch to apply cleanly to trunk if there is no interest.

Could you provide an issue number ?
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