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Author rpetrov
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Date 2009-10-30.22:42:53
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Thanks for the reference but what about to open manual for AC_PROG_CC ?

please don't mess kind of cross compilation into this thread.

About patches:
Change of libdir are subject to other requests - require changes in
distutils - out of scope.

About CFLAGS : 
To ignore options like -g -O2 set by AC_PROG_CC just enclose macro in
py_save_CFLAGS ... CFLAGS=$py_save_CFLAGS. Тhe python build system use
own options OPT to set -g -O3 and etc. Please see comments in configure
for OPT.

About LDFLAGS with passing to (last place without it) is good
to remove all other references as I do in other issue . I won't update
my patch to apply cleanly to trunk if there is no interest.
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