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Author pitrou
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Date 2009-10-29.11:34:06
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This patch is huge.

Some things:
- you should provide an example of using the new API. Your description
is not very, well, descriptive :)
- "all PyTypeObjects must now be *pointers* rather than static
instances": is it mandatory, or did you add this out of "purity"? It
would be nice if we could minimize disruption (that is, provide the new
API as a feature, but not force ourselves and other people to rewrite
huge chunks of code)
- same for the private declaration of PyTypeObject: is it really
necessary to hide it from outside code?

Lastly, since your patch is not ready for consumption, I would advocate
creating a branch somewhere (on the SVN sandbox if you have access
rights, or in a separate e.g. bitbucket repository by cloning the
existing Mercurial mirror).
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