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Date 2009-10-24.12:56:42
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The subversion system looks pretty nice !

So here's a modified proposal that covers the python version as well.

= per user configuration files = 




On Windows, ~ will be replaced by APPDATA if founded in the environment.
== global configuration files ==

On Linux/Mac:




On Windows:

\All users\Application Data\PythonMAJORMINOR

(\All users\Application Data is specified by the Windows Registry)


\All users\Application Data\Python26
\All users\Application Data\Python31

== standard naming for configuration files ==

The files are all named "NAME.cfg", in all platforms.

== what gets in per-user configuration directory ==

- pypi.cfg
- distutils.cfg

== what gets in global configuration directory ==

- distutils.cfg

== apis added ==


- getuserconfig() : returns the per-user configuration directory
- getconfig(): returns the global configuration directory

(the names are following naming style)
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