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I added some tests in test_property in my checkout and the __doc__
property is not, as far as I can tell, set read-only by the issue 5890 fix.

The error message referenced in the report is:

AttributeError: 'Boost.Python.StaticProperty' object attribute '__doc__'
is read-only

If Boost.Python.StaticProperty is a subclass of Property, which seems
likely, then the 5890 fix could well be triggering this error, since if
a property created with a subclass is given a docstring, the fix creates
a __doc__ attribute in the subclass's dict.  If the subclass dict is
read only, the above error would be triggered.

I don't know enough about extension types to know if the property code
should be special casing extension types, but if it should, then IMO
that would qualify 5890 as a regression.  Otherwise I don't think it is,
though we could still consider whether making a change to reduce user
pain is worthwhile.  (To be worthwhile it would have to be likely to
reach the users before the Boost fix does...apparently Boos has a fix in
their SVN for this problem.)

I'm guessing that this is a problem only with extension types, not with
pure Python code.
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