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> Ah, sorry, roundup's e-mail interface ate part of the message.
> The error happens when doing "from ftplib import *". Apparently 
> contains a non-string value.

Oh, shame on me! You're right.
Thanks for the great review you're doing.

> Regarding msg64093, the only API change Bill's suggestion would entail
> is an additional optional parameter to the constructor, so adding it
> later would be backwards-compatible.

Possibly there might be another change we might want to do in future, 
which is adding support for CCC command, useful for reverting the 
control connection back to clear-text.
I remember I tried to do that at the time I submitted the first patch 
but there was a problem with ssl's unwrap() method (I really don't 
remember what exactly).

Anyway, I'll try to put hands on that soon and let you know what 
The change should be backward compatible as it just consists in adding a 
ccc() method.
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