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> You can build the docs by going to the Doc directory and typing "make
> html" there. It isn't critical anyway.

Done. It's well formatted now.

> The tests failed to run, I had to replace the KEYCERT declaration with:
>    KEYCERT = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "keycert.pem") 
> (and add "import os" at the top)


> Another remark: login() doesn't return the response, while it does on
> the normal FTP class.

Good catch, thanks. 

> Apart from that, I'm trying to test on a TLS-enabled FTP server, but
> even the regular FTP class doesn't seem to work with it (I get "500
> Illegal PORT command" when calling retrlines('LIST')).

Strange. I doubt this issue is related with my changes.
I tried FTP_TLS agains proftpd, filezilla server and pyftpdlib and it
works fine.

New patch in attachment btw.
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