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Date 2009-10-18.19:34:26
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On python trunk and 3.2 IDLE, the b in b'' is not green colored.
On python 3.1 IDLE, the u in u'' is still colored, despite a SyntaxError.

(sorry, I don't have diff installed on my Windows machine)

Change on python trunk:
def make_pat():
    sqstring = r"(\b[rRuUbB])?'[^'\\\n]*(\\.[^'\\\n]*)*'?"
    dqstring = r'(\b[rRuUbB])?"[^"\\\n]*(\\.[^"\\\n]*)*"?'
    sq3string = r"(\b[rRuUbB])?'''[^'\\]*((\\.|'(?!''))[^'\\]*)*(''')?"
    dq3string = r'(\b[rRuUbB])?"""[^"\\]*((\\.|"(?!""))[^"\\]*)*(""")?'

And on py3k branch:
def make_pat():
    sqstring = r"(\b[rRbB])?'[^'\\\n]*(\\.[^'\\\n]*)*'?"
    dqstring = r'(\b[rRbB])?"[^"\\\n]*(\\.[^"\\\n]*)*"?'
    sq3string = r"(\b[rRbB])?'''[^'\\]*((\\.|'(?!''))[^'\\]*)*(''')?"
    dq3string = r'(\b[rRbB])?"""[^"\\]*((\\.|"(?!""))[^"\\]*)*(""")?'
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