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08jpurcell  unresponsive, ignoring for now (but see suggestions below)

bdouglasoz: had a firewall blocking the subprocess, apparently works 
for her now.  I'd point out that Notepad is just an editor, IDLE gives 
you much more.  Linux is great, but IDLE works fine with Windows XP and 
since most people use Windows, we have to be sure that it does!

adgprogramming: first, bring up your task manager and make sure there 
are no python processes running.  2.6.x subprocesses can get stuck.  
Then make sure that your firewall isn't blocking socket access to 
localhost.  Then restart IDLE.  IDLE 3.1.1 may work for you since it 
has the recent enhancement that allows multiple copies of IDLE to run 
simultaneously, but it still needs interprocess access via sockets.
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