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Date 2009-10-14.20:26:09
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Jeff Senn wrote:
> However .capitalize() is a bit weird; and I'm not sure it isn't 
> incorrectly implemented now:
> It UPPERCASES the first character, rather than TITLECASING, which is 
> probably wrong in the very few cases where it makes a difference:
> e.g. (using Croatian ligatures)
>>>> u'\u01c5amonjna'.title()
> u'\u01c4amonjna'
>>>> u'\u01c5amonjna'.capitalize()
> u'\u01c5amonjna'
> "Capitalization" is not precisely defined (by the Unicode standard) -- 
> the currently python implementation doesn't even do what the docs say: 
> "makes the first character have upper case" (it also lower-cases all 
> other characters!), however I might argue that a more useful 
> implementation "makes the first character have titlecase..."

You don't have to worry about .capitalize() and .swapcase() :-)

Those methods are defined by their implementation and don't resemble
anything defined in Unicode.

I agree that they are, well, not that useful.
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