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`self.processName` could be a lazily computed property, since it doesn't
seem to be used anywhere by default. Something like:

    _processName = None

    def processName(self):
        n = self._processName
        if n is not None:
            return n
        if 'multiprocessing' not in sys.modules:
            n = 'mainProcess'
            n = sys.modules['multiprocessing'].current_process().name
        self._processName = n
        return n

If you don't like the overhead of a property, you could do the caching
dance in a __getattr__ method instead.

NB : if 'multiprocessing' isn't in sys.modules, it means that you can
only be in the main process, as far as I understand. Processes launched
by multiprocessing itself *will* have 'multiprocessing' in sys.modules,
unless it is doing really weird stuff.
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