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Date 2009-10-14.01:04:02
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Following my own (Twitter) advice I downloaded the 2.6.4rc1 release 
candidate and installed it on my x86 iMac running OS X 10.5.8, and tried 
to run a Google App Engine app with it.  Google App Engine prefers Python 
2.5, but so far it has always worked with 2.6 as well, modulo 1-2 
warnings.  But not 2.6.4rc1!  Even on a trivial app I get "RuntimeError: 
maximum recursion depth exceeded".  I'm attaching a file with the 
traceback (repetitive stuff elided).

I'd be happy to provide more details if they are needed to reproduce.  I'm 
using the Google App Engine SDK 1.2.6.
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