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Author AdamN
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Date 2009-10-07.13:22:19
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I can't think of too many specific scenarios.  It just seems like a non-
trivial behavior change (or rather, it is trivial but with possibly far 
reaching ramifications).

One issue I see is that the ticket morphed from just dealing with space 
characters to many special characters.  quote_plus() probably would have 
handled the space issue cleanly.

The other issue I'm concerned about is that there is no testing of non-
ascii URLs (or at least I don't see any).

Finally, a netloc like 'www.g' would be converted invalidly to 
'' which would then be forwarded to an actual HTTP 

I can't point to anything too specific - more of just a feeling that 
this ticket is already 5 1/2 years old and maybe things should be left 
as-is and enhancement made only to Python 3.x.  Of course, I'm really 
just a new Python convert so I don't have massive experience here by any 
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