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It's not as easy as that.

The functions for case conversion are used in a way that assumes they
never fail (and indeed, the existing functions cannot fail).

What we can do is change the input parameter to Py_UCS4, but not the
Py_UNICODE output parameter, since that would cause lots of compiler
warnings and implicit truncation on UCS2 builds, which would be a pretty
disruptive change.

However, this change would not really help anyone if there are no
mappings from BMP to non-BMP or vice-versa, so I'm not sure whether this
whole exercise is worth the effort.

It appears to be better to just leave the case mapping APIs unchanged -
or am I missing something ?

The situation is different for the various Py_UNICODE_IS*() APIs: for
these we can change the input parameter to Py_UCS4, remove the name
mangling and add UCS2 helper functions to maintain API compatibility on
UCS2 builds.
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