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On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 03:03, Marc-Andre Lemburg <> wrote:
> We use UCS2 on narrow Python builds, not UTF-16.
>> We might keep the old public API for compatibility, but it should be
>> clearly marked as broken for non-BMP scalar values.
> That has always been the case. UCS2 doesn't support surrogates.
> However, we have been slowly moving into the direction of making
> the UCS2 storage appear like UTF-16 to the Python programmer.
> This process is not yet complete and will likely never complete
> since it must still be possible to create things line lone
> surrogates for processing purposes, so care has to be taken
> when using non-BMP code points on narrow builds.

Balderdash.  We expose UTF-16 code units, not UCS-2.  Guido has made
this quite clear.

UTF-16 was designed as an easy transition from UCS-2.  Indeed, if your
code only does searches or joins existing strings then it will Just
Work; declare it UTF-16 and you are done.  We have a lot more work to
do than that (as in this bug report), and we can't reasonably prevent
the user from splitting surrogate pairs via poor code, but a 95%
solution doesn't mean we suddenly revert all the way back to UCS-2.

If the intent really was to use UCS-2 then a correctly functioning
UTF-16 codec would join a surrogate pair into a single scalar value,
then raise an error because it's outside the range representable in
UCS-2.  That's not very helpful though; obviously, it's much better to
use UTF-16 internally.

"The alternative (no matter what the configure flag is called) is
UTF-16, not UCS-2 though: there is support for surrogate pairs in
various places, including the \U escape and the UTF-8 codec."

"If you find places where the Python core or standard library is doing
Unicode processing that would break when surrogates are present you
should file a bug. However this does not mean that every bit of code
that slices a string at an arbitrary point (and hence risks slicing in
the middle of a surrogate) is incorrect -- it all depends on what is
done next with the slice."
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