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Author planders
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Date 2009-10-04.17:39:25
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I'm curious what happened with this issue.  It says closed+accepted but
it doesn't appear to be checked in.  Was there a fatal problem
implementing this feature on Windows?   Is it hung up on the inability
to dup SSL sockets?  

I'm highly interested in deploying Python web servers using FastCGI,
SCGI, WSGI, etc on the Windows server platform.  I wrote a simple
Windows fromfd() patch for Python 2.1 which was successfully used by my
organization for many years.  Now we are trying to move to a newer
version of Python and still facing the need to patch this in.  Just
wondering what happened with this feature and perhaps there is something
I can do to help move it along again.  Many Python projects like flup,
python-scgi, etc would be able to support Windows via this feature.

(PS if this question is more appropriately raised on a mailing list
rather than the issue tracker, I apologize in advance.)
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