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Date 2009-09-28.23:34:03
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Ok, apparently the lines that define c_size_t are these:

if sizeof(c_uint) == sizeof(c_void_p):
    c_size_t = c_uint
elif sizeof(c_ulong) == sizeof(c_void_p):
    c_size_t = c_ulong
elif sizeof(c_ulonglong) == sizeof(c_void_p):
    c_size_t = c_ulonglong

(side remark: wouldn't a simple c_size_t = c_void_p do exactly the same
as the above and be much clearer?) 

Unfortunately I have no real idea how to come up with something similar
for ssize_t, since there is no predefined object that is of type ssize_t
(as c_void_p is for type size_t). Any ideas what to do?
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