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Date 2009-09-28.09:32:40
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Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
> Fred L. Drake, Jr. <> added the comment:
> The test "value is not None" in line 620 (of the new version) could be
> just "value" and get a little more value from less code.


> I don't think I've ever run across a sample .ini-style file that used
> unspecified values, though it's frequently done in "flat" configuration
> files.
> Have you come across an existing configuration format that uses the
> [section] markers and unspecified values, or is this really a new use-case?

It is very common in my.cnf files for MySQL, and has been so "for ever." For
example, the default my.cnf file that is installed on my Debian (Ubuntu) system
have several options without values (e.g., skip-external-locking, quick, and

Best wishes,
Mats Kindahl

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