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Date 2009-09-22.21:01:58
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IMO, your backtrace only implies that readline module was built 
believing it has libedit (i.e., include files were system ones from 

However, the following scenario is possible.  Some packaging tools 
choose to divide library packages into a runtime part and a development 
part.  If you had a copy of readline that was a runtime part only, it 
would have /usr/local/lib/* files but not /usr/local/include/* files 
(development part would have them).

Because of the way stashes /usr/local/lib first in the path, 
the build could have used system /usr/include/* file and linked to your 
local copy of readline library.

This is just a wild guess of course.

That's why I was interested in the output of otool command on your build 
of readline module.  That would tell us what it was linked to.
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