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Date 2009-09-21.17:15:56
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> I get the idea. The Python part of the patch demonstrates what you're
> getting at, though it can't be used as is - for example the
> getattr(logging, a, a) could lead to problems. However a more
> intelligent parser (which looked for specific keywords recognised by
> basicConfig(), and got the correct values accordingly) wouldn't be much
> more complicated. (I'll look at enhancing this part.)
> As for the changes to main.c - I am a C/C++ developer but have not made
> any changes to Python C code so far - it would be good if a more
> experienced committer reviews this part (not sure who - can someone
> please reassign/add to nosy list)? Thanks.

Both parts of the patch are only thought to demonstrate the idea.
You said you'll attack the Python part - good.

For the C part, the most prominemt things that are missing are these:

- free(logopt) should be called at the end of the 'if (logopts != NULL) {' block.

- error handling should be improved.  Errors in this block should probably exit Python.
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