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> It must be convenient to operate in an environment where you can 
> install new software so easily Armin.

Trust me, it is.

> For others (including me), the actual package installation is the
> least of our hassles and anything that helps us avoid dealing with
> the lawyers is a big gain.

So you're suggesting Python should suffer because some companies have a
weird legal department?

@Michael Foord: I totally agree that argument parsing is something that
*should* be in the standard library because everybody needs it.  However
at the same time it's something I could imagine comes from an external
source.  I would rather maintain optparse myself for than
seeing another argument parsing library in the stdlib so that everybody
has to switch over because the Python devs did not find someone to
maintain it.  The stdlib is very often unmaintained for large parts; we
can't just replace a module because the developer got bored...
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