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> @Armin: Doesn't that argument apply to *any* library proposed for
> inclusion in the standard library? By which logic we should never add
> anything to the standard library ever again.

That's what I say. Do not add anything to the stdlib that is not needed
to keep applications platform independent. argparse adds zero value to
x-platform development.

Things I consider good for a stdlib:

  * portable filesystem notification hooks
  * stuff like os.path
  * distutils
  * socket library

Stuff that should not go into the stdlib:

  * xml parsers
  * command line parsers (one is enough, and that should be
    *stable* not replaced later with something like argparse)

Fix packaging and do not dump useless stuff into the standard library to
make it appear more modern. Decentralization is modern, not replacing
modules in the stdlib.
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