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0. When you have a problem, and you are not sure it is an error in the
interpreter or stdlib, try posting to python-list first. If you do not
soon get a definitive determination here, do that. This is not a
question-answering or user-code debugging list.

1. When posting code so others can read it, please leave off trailing
semi-colons. Python is not C. The unnecessary ';'s are distracting noise.

2. When posting problematic code, please strip it down to the minimum
necessary to show the problem. From what I understand, the minimum here is
"import cgi; d = cgi.FieldStorage()". The rest is distracting noise. 

3. When you get a error traceback, copy and paste *the whole traceback*
(especially when requested).

4. Post the exact interpreter version used.  Is this with 3.1.1, with
all the latest bug fixes? Even better, try with the lastest version and
say so.

5. When the problem involved interacting with the external system (such
as os.environ), specify the os. It often makes a difference.

In this case, your problem seems to be that the relevant field of
os.environ has a non-ascii char. My impression is that this is not
intented to be allowed, at least for posix systems, but I am not sure.
It is possible that something in the module has not been updated
properly, but I do not know enough of the specs to say whether the
problem is your data or the library code.

You should determine the 'offending' string and print out its
representation (with repr(s)) and include that with any further post
here or on python-list. In general, include offending data (also
minimized) along with offending code.
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