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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2009-09-10.16:39:42
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Sorry:  ignore that last message;  I was talking through my hat.  I 
think I must have been unwittingly building in debug mode.

Ahem.  After a 'make distclean', I get the following results (same specs 
as above, on a 2.53Ghz MacBook Pro / Core 2 Duo).

original: 783.8 ms
patched:  373.5 ms  (2.1 x faster)
patch 2:  323.7 ms  (2.4 x faster)

patch 2 (attached) is Gawain's original patch, but with the base != 
2,8,10,16 code removed and the call to _inplace_divrem1 inlined and 
slightly reorganized.  (No changes to intobject.c.)
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