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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2009-09-09.19:18:10
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I wouldn't mind having a proper patch and doing away with the need for 
GNU's readline.

IMHO the patch should try to stay as close to GNU readline's interface 
as possible, and should therefore fix the off-by-one difference you 

BTW. I suppose the configuration (readline.parse_and_bind) needs to be 
in libedit format rather than readline format. If so, we should add 
something to the readline documentation about that and possibly add 
something to the readline library to make it possible to detect if 
readline is ultimately linked to libedit.

BTW. If you want to push the Apple's readline to the limit you should 
try if it works properly with ipython. It used to cause hard crashes 
with Apple's python in 10.5.
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